photo (Canva) and video

On this page, you'll find resources for editing photos and videos. This includes screencasting, having students create images and videos, and more.

Canva- photo and video

MASIS School has a Canva Education account. This means we have access to premium content and we can have our "classes" on Canva for students to work on the platform and turn in assignments. Learn more below.

Canva Student Guied.mp4

How to accept teacher invites to canva

Follow this video to accept teacher invites and turn in assignments through Canva.

Screencastify- Screen recording

Screencastify allows you to record your screen, draw on it, and record yourself at the same time at the bottom of the screen. Excellent tool for all teachers. They also have courses for students and teachers to be able to master screencasting. The free version has a 5 minute limit, but you can easily combine videos in another tool (WeVideo for example).